Best Way To Get A Flat Stomach - The Absolute Truth and Tips

Best Way To Get A Flat Stomach - The Absolute Truth and Tips

Best Way To Get A Flat Stomach - The Absolute Truth and Tips

The thing is, we all want shortcuts in life. Shortcuts in getting to a certain place, shortcuts in getting money and shortcuts in being successful. And if you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably looking for a shortcut to a flat stomach. Am I right? I’ll wait… of course I am!

If you search the web or look anywhere on social media you’ll find many “Fitness Guru’s” sharing their “awesome secrets” that will help get rid of your stomach fat as quickly as overnight or my favorite “7 days”. And the sad part is a lot of people buy into what these self-proclaimed fitness guru's tell them as they themselves already have a flat stomach, so the people listening to them automatically think they got a flat stomach from their super “awesome secret shortcut”. We see things like flat tummy teas, wraps, fat melting stomach creams, juice cleanse and waist trainers being falsely promoted as fat loss tools and secrets and  the list goes on. People will want the shortcuts to work so bad, they will blindly convince themselves that they see a difference after trying the shortcut, but in reality nothing really changed, and the changes that they saw was only temporary, like water loss.

I’m not writing this blog to debunk any shortcuts, because honestly there’s just way too many. But instead provide you guys with some valuable and accurate information from my 10 years of experience that will hopefully help you get a flat stomach without all the extra gimmicks and BS.

The way the body works during a fat loss state, since you're not providing enough energy through eating. Your body will look for energy sources within itself, and your body’s primary energy source is your stored fat. And based on genetics your body will pick the area to shed fat from first, so sorry YOU CAN’T PICK WHERE YOU WANT TO LOST FAT, also know as “Spot Reducing”. During this fat loss state you will then begin to notice areas around your body shrinking and getting more muscle tone. As time goes by and you remain CONSISTENT, this fat loss process will happen all over your body. And will eventually work its way down  to your stomach area and you’ll finally get that flat stomach you’ve always wanted. (Notice I capitalized consistent, without it nothing will happen. Something to keep in mind).

Ok, so now that I've explained how the fat loss process works. You're probably asking, “Ok, what do I have to do to get my body to this fat loss state?”.

The system to follow and that has been scientifically proven is Calories In VS Calories Out, meaning Eat Less and Move More. Doing so will first and foremost help you drop those pounds you've been trying to lose for the past 1, 2… 24 months. Eating fewer calories paired with smart cardio & resistance training, such as lifting weights or bodyweight exercises like calisthenics, will allow you to preserve/build lean muscle and which will essentially leads to fat loss. 

The eating method proven to be most effective for fat loss is a low carb, high protein diet. Not saying to stay away from carbs altogether, just try having less of it. That can of soda, those fruits you snack on throughout the day and the pasta for dinner adds up.

Understand Carb is energy. What I recommend is to have your carbs around your workouts, that way its easier for your body to metabolize it instead of storing it as fat. On the days you work legs or back, being that these muscle groups are larger than others and the calorie expenditure will be greater,  you may have a little more carbs. On your off days from the gym or on the days you work your smaller muscle groups like arms and shoulders, have less carbs or no carbs at all as your body won’t need it. This eating method is called Card Cycling, which is the method I've used personally and with all my clients on my Custom 12wk Program and this have proven to be very effective. Include some good quality protein, around 0.7grams-1grams per body pound a day and healthy fats (olive/coconut oil, avocado, peanut butter, nuts). I can guarantee if you follow these steps and  stay consistent your body fat will begin to drop, and you'll eventually have that flat stomach!

 I hope this blog cleared a lot of things up for you guys, now start applying what you've learned and get that flat stomach!





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Jemes Sintel
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