How The 12wk Custom Program Works?




You'll receive a fully personalized goal specific meal plan, that tells you exactly what to eat every day of the week. We'll also make real-time changes to the meal plan as you progress. Also included is a FREE supplement guide with a list of only the essential supplements to help you reach your goal.

A personalized workout and cardio routines fully mapped out. Your workout program can be designed for you to workout at a traditional full-sized gym, home gym or at the comfort of your home.

You will have full access to the King Fitness Personal Training App. With your own User Profile and workout calendar. No need to search google on how to do an exercise, There's a 3D animation showing you how to preform each and every exercise on your workout program

We’ll do routine progress check-ins every Sunday and you'll have 24/7 access to me via email or WhatsApp for any questions or concerns that arise.